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Welcome to Oceanic Spa & Salon Pune

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Welcome to Oceanic Spa & Salon, a health & wellness unit of Disha International Pvt. Ltd., which offers unique spa therapies and newfangled hair style & solutions for both men and women. Adorned with world-class equipments and proficient techniques, Oceanic also provides a mesmerizing experience through the tender touch of its expert masseurs, therapists and beauticians. Applying the best oils, exotic herbs, enigmatic aromas and signature 'ocean' extracts, your very own heaven of relaxation takes the soul to a soothing journey of ecstatic joy and ultimate peace every time you visit at Oceanic.

Oceanic is a journey towards eternal peace and rejuvenation, where your soul feels the bliss and your body get pampered by the soothing treatments. A new wave of trend for those who prefer to live modish and suave and for those who believe in becoming style icons of modern times. Sail through the enchanting journey of our most premium spa and salon to experience a soul soothing and trend setting destination that discovers the true meaning of health, wellness and peace.